Proper noun//

Definition: a past or present member of the Pro Pods co-living community

We don’t view those who live in our properties as ‘tenants’ or ‘residents’. These are like-minded people who interact and share experiences together, and who have created a Pro Pods ‘club’ – our people call themselves ‘Propodians’, a genuine community who enjoy living, working and playing together.

Our spaces are conducive to bringing people together – full of inviting areas in which people can work and socialise as a group as well as private bedrooms where you can rest and unwind.

But it is the additional touches of convenience, comfort and cost-saving that Pro Pods management bring to the party that genuinely foster a close Pro Pods community.

Regular housekeeping services, fast and reliable WiFi, a local landlord who can be contacted via WhatsApp and a local maintenance team who are always on hand gives Propodians peace of mind that they can live their best lives, hassle-free.

Community hosted events such as beer-tasting evenings, inter-house competitions and awards, and a regular ProPodians newsletter keeps everyone on the same page with updates and news bolster the harmony.

Take a look at our testimonials to see what our Propodians have to say about Pro Pods professional modern co-living.